Lindi Fancett -                   Permanent Make up artist

 New York Prices

New Client/Correction Consultation: $50, 30 Minutes
Consultation for new clients and for corrective work from previous tattoos by other artists. The $50 will be applied towards your procedure if we both decide you are a good candidate.
New Brows: $495, 90 Minutes
Choose from Micro-bladed brows, feathered brows, or a little of both. Requires a second appointment.
Eyebrow Follow Up (4-6 weeks after NEW PROCEDURE): $25, 50 Minutes
Follow ups are ONLY included with NEW PROCEDURE.
4-6 weeks after new procedure, no sooner than that. No exceptions.
Eyebrows 2nd Touch Up (Within 3 months of touch up): $50, 15 Minutes
This is a mini touch up within 3 months of your last touch up. It must be done at least 4-6weeks after last appointment. No exceptions. If out of range of the 3-month mark, you will be charged more.
Eyebrows 6 Month Color Boost: $100, 30 minutes
Must be within 6 months after last appointment. If outside of 6 month window, you will be charged for a full yearly touch up ($195).
Eyebrows Yearly Touch Up (12 months after last appointment): $195, 50 min.
Must be within 12 months of last appointment.
Eyebrows 12-18 Months Touch up: $250, 60 Minutes
Must be within 18 months of last appointment.
Eyebrows 18-24 Months Touch Up: $350, 75 Minutes
Must be within 2 years of last appointment.
Eyebrows 3+ years Touch Up: $495, 90 Minutes
If we have not seen you in three years or more, this is a completely new procedure. This is a minimum of 495 depending on the amount of visits we need to see you.
New Eyeliner Top & Bottom: $550, 90 Minutes
This is for natural lash enhancement color. Thicker eyeliner will take more visits at additional fees.
Eyeliner Follow up (4-6 weeks after new procedure): $25, 60 Minutes
This is a follow up after NEW PROCEDURES ONLY. Must be at 4-6 weeks after new procedure. NO EXCEPTIONS.
New Eyeliner Top OR Bottom: $350, 60 Minutes: $350, 60 Minutes
This is for just top eyeliner OR just bottom eyeliner.
Eyeliner Follow up for Either Top OR Bottom (4-6 weeks after new procedure): $25, 45 Minutes
Follow up procedure after new procedure of top or bottom eyeliner. For new procedures only. No exceptions.
Thicker Liner Touch up (within 3 months of last appointment): $100, 30 Mins
This is for thicker liner. Has to be within 3 months of last appointment. If it’s just top or bottom its $50.
Eyeliner Touch up: $195, 60 Minutes
This is for ONE visit. Additional visits may be needed and will have an additional fee.

Rochester Dates:

October 29th-November 7th
December 4th-10th