Lindi Fancett -                   Permanent Make up artist

The Eyeliner Experience
Eyeliner is the second most requested service. There are so many benefits to having your eyeliner applied permanently. The fact that it stays for such a long time is impressive. Unlike brows, which need to be touched up every year, liner lasts much longer. Black eyeliner, for example, can be there for 15 years or more. I personally have black eyeliner and I've had it 14 years, and had it touched up 11 years ago. It looks the same as it did 14 years ago! You do not have to have black, there are other colors to choose from: charcoal, navy, brown, plum, and moss green. You may also choose the smoky look and get black inside the lash line and smudgy charcoal over it, to give it some dimension. There are lots of choices. I do recommend going natural, not too thick. You can always add to it if you have to for a special occasion.

The first question everyone asks is "does it hurt?" My answer is, it's not painful, but it's not painless. I use a variety of anesthetic creams that really help. You rest with cream on your lids for 30 minutes before we start. During the procedure, I apply it every few minutes to make it as comfortable as possible. Everyone's sensitivity is different. The fact that I'm working on your eye is a sensitive issue and sometimes women who wear contacts have an easier time. It feels strange, but most people say it feels like I'm tweezing, or that it's not painful, but annoying.
The procedure takes between an hour, and a hour and a half. After completing the top lid, I rinse the eyes with saline solution, and go on to the bottom lid. The bottom lid is usually done while the eye is open, but If you have trouble with that, I can do it closed as well.

Swelling is usually the next question. The average person has a little swelling and soreness the first day. Ice helps, and is recommended for the first day. The next morning is usually when the swelling is present. It looks like you have cried the night before, the top lid is swollen. You can use an ice pack, or even ice cubes in a baggie. It usually goes away quickly. Every so often I have someone who is super sensitive and the swelling can last 48 hours. This person usually knows that she is this way and schedules the appointment on a Friday, or a day that she has nothing to do for a couple days.

I normally follow the natural lash line to create the liner. I do not go far into the inner corner, or make any wings. As you age, those wings could become commas! Again, I prefer a very natural look.

Your after care instructions will be found on the "Eyeliner-Post Care" page.