Lindi Fancett -                   Permanent Make up artist
The Eyebrow Experience
This procedure takes between an hour and a hour and a half. The longest part of the appointment will be the consultation. 

Communication is essential to providing you with the best experience possible. A medical form, consent form, and after care information will be completed. Then on to the best part, your brow design.
Your brow design is ultimately up to you, I'm here to help you choose the style that is best for your face shape and bone structure. I will take a close up  photo of your brows, start drawing, and measuring. I use a slightly darker color pencil so I get a better contrast. The measuring and duplicating the design of the brows is key in a set of beautiful, matching brows. This dark drawing can throw women off a bit. You have to remember it is just a pattern, not the final result. The shape is all you're looking at, the brow will look so natural compared to the harsh pencil.
Once we agree on the drawing, I will select a color. I usually choose the exact shade of your eyebrow hair color. If there is no hair, I will go with a color that will compliment your skin tone and hair color.
Your tattoo will begin here. It will feel like a tweeze. I will go right through the pencil, making about 15 little lines in the pattern that look identical to natural brow hairs.
After the pattern is complete I will wipe off the remaining pencil and apply a strong anesthetic cream.
I will continue to work on the brow adding hairs and shading until they are complete. I will have you sit up often for additional measuring. You are more then welcome to look at the brows during the procedure and make suggestions. You know your brows best.
After they are complete, they will be darker for a week, until they heal. Then a much softer color gives a natural look.
I will take your photo, and we will schedule your follow up appointment 4-6 weeks later.
The follow-up is a quick check up to see how they have healed. Some additional color and shading may be added at this time to make sure they look their best! This appointment usually takes less then a half hour.